Influencers in Germany

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Hey, I’m Nia and here are 10 funny facts about me. Here we go:

  1. Not only feta cheese is a Greek import in Germany. I’m one too. And now I’m a German potato and call Greece and Germany my home
  2. I was in a leading position in a kindergarten for many years. The result is, I ain’t got no nerves anymore for kids under 5 years
  3.  I’m a professional make-up artist too, but now it’s time for doing some new stuff PLEASE, SEND YOUR INQUIRIES!
  4. I’d love to be an actress in a comedy soap like ‘The Nanny’. In my case it would called ‘The Granny’
  5. I love to laugh. Laugh until my belly hurts, and then a bit more too
  6. To all the boys out there who asked me if I’d married them: Sorry, I am married already and won’t do polygam. I am a mommy of 3. I’ve got 2 kids and a puppy (yes, my puppy calls me mommy too)
  7. Nooooo, I don’t have any tattoos! It’s unbelievable how many guys asked me this!
  8. I’m a breast cancer survivor and I think cancer is an asshole. I wish cancer gets cancer and dies!!!
  9. I’m still looking for a job where I can travel the world and getting paid for this. Yeah, getting paid just for existing. Please feel free to contact me!
  10. I will tell you a secret. I’m an addict. No, I don’t need help! Rehab is useless! First of all, I’m a chocolate addict. And a shoes and bags and clothes and….. an addict of all beautiful things too. And don’t forget the travels!
  11. I wish I could speak better English. Therefore my best friend on Instagram is the Google translator and my son who reads everything, to make sure it is understandable

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