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When you workout and think positive you generate more positive energy. This is facts and if you believe this, you are more likely to succeed in your health journey. We are Malin Siven and Taghrid Hodroj, we created @twizethejoy to learn more about this subject and inspire other people to a more positive mindset and healthy lifestyle. By talking and training with athletes and health enthusiasts we want to show that working out can be fun and nourishing, not only for your body but for your soul.

We believe that the best thing about life is that we have the power to choose who we want to be and how we want to feel, no matter who we are or what background we have. We can never control what happens to us, but we will always have the power to decide how we react to negativity when it hits us in the face. We are in control. You are in control. It all starts with your mindset followed by your actions and we believe that health is essential when it comes to preventing negativity to get into your life. This was our main thought when we came up with @twizethejoy, which is our shared mindset that is all about creating a more positive and healthy life for ourselves and share it with other people.

There is, of course, not just one single answer on how to achieve good health and happiness. But what we do believe is that energy generates energy so therefore it is logic that when we have negative thoughts, we will attract more negativity, when we are happy we will attract more happiness and when we put our energy into motion and move our bodies we will attract more positive energy. When we take care of ourselves we feel empowered since we teach our brain that we have accomplished something, which in return helps us develop a more positive mindset. It is a never-ending circulation.

Health is any activity that nourishes your mind and make you move. Some people like weight training, some like yoga, some like swimming or long walks. There are no rules and there is beauty and power in whatever you choose. Find something you can make a routine. Whether it is going to the gym or working out in nature and feeling the energy of our beautiful planet. To breath in fresh air, feel how the trees shade us and how the ocean breeze nourishes our body. To us that is part of true joy and nutrition for our inner self. Twizethejoy is about spirit and connection with ourselves as well as with others. It is about generating the energy we are designed to generate so that we can be the most authentic versions of ourselves.

We are curious about other people’s stories and want to explore what drives other souls in their health journey. Therefore we will train and talk with health and fitness enthusiasts and explore what they do to generate the right energy for themselves. We also see a lot of nutrition and workout advices in every media, but most of them focuses on the outside rather than the inside.

One athlete we have met is Sheila who found happiness and confidence in kickboxing and is now the owner of JabX in Los Angeles. This superwoman and entrepreneur pushed us through a rough session and talked to us about what it means to her to have found a passion and a routine that keeps her on a more positive path. We felt so inspired and loved the energy JabX gave us. We will continue meeting with inspiring people and share their thoughts as well as their tips and tricks on how to perform different workouts properly. With us we have the amazing sports brand @rohnisch who also believe that “a body in motion is the home of a healthy and beautiful life”.

We believe that working out and staying consistent with your routines will give you the confidence, joy and strength you need to live a happier life and that moving your body is essential in becoming a better version of yourself. Every time we show up for ourselves and push through a workout, we teach ourselves that we are capable. Start your journey today and believe in your capability. That is one of the keys to a successful and happy life.

Find out more and follow us on @twizethejoy to be part of this journey.

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