Nick The Jeweler

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Nick Ohanessian is the jeweler behind the fabulous jewels of Nick The Jeweler Born in Yerevan, Armenia, Nick is the 4th generation of jewelers in his family. He grew up watching his father create beautiful designs for the elite society in Yerevan. When the family immigrated to the United States, they came with literally nothing due to the then Soviet regime that ruled in Armenia. Nick joined his father, and together they established a gold jewelry manufacturing business in Los Angeles. Although they were doing well, the bling of diamonds eventually seduced Nick to start his own diamond jewelry business in 1983, and he has since then decked many beautiful women with his fabulous jewelry.

His passion has always been jewelry, and that passion is only rivaled by Nick’s love for travel. When he’s not at work, you can find him trotting around the globe every summer with his family. This is what fuels him with energy, the culture of Europe and the Middle East inspire him…not to mention his childhood memories as he roams the streets of Yerevan come every September.  Much like a lot of Armenians, Nick strives to bring pride to his culture and heritage. “Life is a passing along game”, he said. “You give your all and you pass it along…to your children, your community…and you watch your legacy growing as you pass it on over to the next generation”.



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