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Andrea  Alvarado  (pictured  here), is  a designer  living in San Francisco, and has an amazing ability to mix colorful prints with elegant cuts. She is finding her way into the hearts of many… and their closets. Raised in the south of Peru, you can feel her culture come alive in every one of her pieces.  Ayla (ī•la) hits the summer streets with a blast of color, sophisticated lines, and flawless detail.

“I have to confess that spring and summer are my favorites. I’m  always motivated and  inspired  by the colors  these seasons bring.”

“I’m lucky to have been influenced by my grandmother and mother. They laid down the path I’m following . Ayla is my dream. A dream I want to share with the world.”

With each collection, her creativity evolves but still draws on inspiration from classic cuts and styles from different eras. A perfect  manipulation of patterns and  prints, with just the right touch of color. See the whole collection at www.aylaclothing.com

ALL Photos by Kait Miller Photography

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