Women Supporting Women

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Awards Season: 

Women Supporting Women

The most memorable and inspiring part of awards season is the heartfelt acceptance speeches. They’re replayed and enjoyed (or scrutinized) long after the telecast has aired. A great Oscar speech is an art in itself, the delivery and emotion is everything. My favorites are:

Halle Berry, Monster’s Ball, 2002

Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club, 2014

Frances McDormand, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MO, 2018

I’ve always been an advocate of women supporting other women and Frances McDormand’s speech really resonated with me.  We should propel one another forward instead of playing the comparison game. We all have a purpose and a story to tell. Take the time to build into your heart and soul to reach that. 

There’s also a tremendous amount of support from peers throughout the Oscars. If we all looked through the lens of gratitude rather than the lens of comparison, it becomes a game changer. With so many obstacles on the road to gender equality, we don’t need to create more by getting in our own way. 

I’ve known women who have struggled and made horrible decisions, but they’ve also raised families, built companies, shown kindness in their darkest times, and taught me about strength. I love what they’ve taught me about getting back up and moving forward. I’m a woman who champions my friends. I know there will always be enough good to go around. 


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