Transcending Human Boundaries

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By: Hassett Gravois

 Richard MacDonald’s philosophy is transcending human boundaries, He has committed himself to inspire new artists and disprove common misconceptions about art in today’s society.

With a PhD in teaching, he travels to different colleges and lectures all over the world to instill the idea that art is important.

Inspiring and dramatically changing future generations of artists Richard is

contributing to society by creating beautiful art, every structure has philanthropy behind it’s thought process.

All of Richard’s business plans include charities such as The Boys & Girls Club of America, a scholarship fund with The Nevada Ballet,  and Free Arts For Abused Children, as well as other local charities; the donations are in the millions of dollars every month.

He explained that society needs certain components:




“The disappearance of art in our culture is a bit of a misunderstanding, our culture makes artists seem like hippies that can’t balance a checkbook.

“Art is an inexplicable magic entity that translates to all languages.”

“Thinking creatively, and thinking outside the box is what separates America and is building a great society.”

He asks “Do you know what the most valuable thing on earth is?”

“The most valuable thing on earth is art – The Mona Lisa. No diamonds or gold. Pure art”

“Beauty connects people and lifts their spirits to a higher level.”

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