Prince Charming: Fairytale or Faux? 

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Ever since we were little girls, we have wished for the day that we would meet our prince charming, fall madly in love, and ride off into the sunset to our happily ever after. But what happens when slaying a dragon turns to screaming at each other well into the night? When reality strikes and takes away our essence of a fairytale? Should you wait around and fight, or is it better to let the illusion of a life-long romance go? Here are a few things you should know about dating again after a breakup, divorce, or a dry spell. 

Close The Previous Chapter

Perhaps it should go without saying, but before you put yourself back out there, you need to let your previous relationship go. Nothing kills the thrill of a new adventure like living in the past, and if not for anyone else, do it for you! There is no room for emotional baggage where you will be heading next, and by next, I mean a girl’s trip in Mexico. 

Rediscover What You Love To Do 

So often, when we are in a relationship, we lose the sense of who we are without somebody else, which goes against all aspects of the Girl Code. Take the time to be by yourself rediscover what makes you happy, whether it’s riding a bike, cooking a new dinner recipe, or binge-watching the bachelor by yourself. When you know what you love to do, then you’ll be able to attract a partner who has similar interests as you. 

Understand Your Worth

The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself, and no one will ever be able to complete you, like you! I hate when I hear women say that they are searching for their other half because you, my dear, are not a half. You are a FREAKING whole. Date to find a partner who complements you instead of controls you. Prince Charming is merely a side character in your happily ever after, and YOU are the queen. 

Set High Standards

You know what you want and don’t, so don’t compromise it. Setting high standards is how you’ll weed out the princes from the frogs. You are far too magnificent to settle for anything less than you deserve. Own what you want and do you! 

Date Yourself First

When searching for new romantic opportunities, you need to open your heart to love, but first, it is important to fall in love with you. Take yourself to the movies, buy a sexy new outfit and get dolled up, lose yourself in a windswept romance, take chances, try something new. 

No one can give you anything you can’t give yourself; romance is great, but then again, so are you. 

By Dr. Sherry Talks

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