Love Letter to Myself

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By Vina Vo

The inspiration for this photoshoot was a visual love letter to myself- to unlock my inner divinity. I have never felt so empowered doing a shoot like this, and was lucky to shoot with the best photographer, Ariana Genilla. An artist herself specializing in romance and high-fashion photography, she captured my vision perfectly. From wanderlust to desert dust, I fully embraced femme power. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to cherish my body, and I am grateful to reach a point in life where I can embrace my sexuality and femininity.  

We shot these photos in Goodsprings, so that the barren desert landscape and broken down buildings could truly bring out the beauty of this gown from LV Gowns. I felt free and full of life, and am grateful I get to share this moment with you.

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