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A lifelong fiction writer, John Michael DeMarco explores the perspectives, strengths, and flaws of people seeking purpose in a volatile world. Through non-fiction such as The 4 Spheres of Intentional Living, blogs, and resources, John strives to help people grow in physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual engagement.

John Michael Demarco

As a certified executive and life coach who incorporates mindfulness practices, John keeps himself open to thought partnerships with any individual or organization that seeks to evolve. John also has a particular focus on Millennials, along with empowering people of color, women, and those who identify in some manner with the LGBTQ community.

John’s recent project, The Book Club Widowers, a fiction novel ideal for avid readers with an interest in literary works infused with mystery, as well as any parent or spouse.

The Book Club Widowers
Three suburban mothers take their wine-filled, literary discussions on a beach trip. And vanish. The fathers remain behind, balancing their ambitions and failures with trying to help their bewildered children move forward. Ambiguity reigns as lines blur between friends and enemies.
Questions you’ll ponder while reading The Book Club Widowers:
What would you do if your spouse vanished without a trace? What would you tell your kids? How would you go to work? How would you embrace the future?  get it on amazon

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