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*Being Grown

(5 step of growth)

Be YOU tiful – the word beautiful comes from you, you determine your world how you feel, think and your state of mind they are all connected. Being beautiful is not about wearing the most glamorous cloth or the latest makeup brands,feeling beautiful comes from inside of you I mean deep inside that make you wake up in the morning and look at the mirror and says to yourself that I am beautiful and today is going to be a great day. Even if you having a bad day or worst day but deep down you know that you are going to be ok because the beauty you are feeling comes from inside of you and its way powerful than any worst or bad day you having, had or about to come. Feeling beautiful is a pretty feeling that makes you stand out among the crowds gives you confidence that you are pretty enough and you are amazing enough and people around you can see how amazing you are because of you they can feel and share from your confidence and beauty. My favorite quote about being YOU tiful is “be messy and complicated and afraid and show up anyways” that brings me to our second steps.

Respect – respect starts with yourself, be respectful and even when you are messy,complicated and afraid and you still show up anyways because you respect yourself and you believe that you been afraid or scared is part of growing up and living. Courage is contagious and people can contact and attract your courage through that respect is giving but be respectful. Treat people with respect because respect is earned not given. Treat people the way you want to be treated and talk to people the way you want to be talked to. My favorite quote about respect is “she remembered who she was and the game changed” self respect is the most important part,treating others with respect and kindness which brings us to the third steps.

Kindness- set an example, treat people with kindness and respect. Kind people are the best kind of people. Being kind is giving even when it seems like you have nothing to give. My favorite quote about kindness is “ kindness is the language which deaf can hear and the blind can see” no matter who you are rich or poor kindness is the only gifts everyone can afford to give, give kindness, we rise by lifting each other. A little bit of kindness can save our soul and humanity not to talk about, suicide, hatred and many more, remember one kind word can change someone’s entire day and be mindful which brings us to the fourth steps

Mindful- be mindful because if you think you have had it worst remember there’s more than 7 billions of people in this world with different situations way worst. Don’t judge people by how they look or how you see them we are all fighting a battle that nobody knows nothing about. Be mindful of your words, actions, how you handle things and treat people make sure you are lifting people up not bringing then down. My favorite quote about mindful is “Be mindful even if your mind is full”. Remember, what worries you masters you. think peace, love and happiness which brings us to the final and most important steps

Happiness- happiness is a state of mind. And has a lot to do with YOU, been grown, adults and living your best life. Accepting yourself for more or less of who are you. This has a lot to do with this five steps of growth because if you don’t think you are beautiful enough you can’t be happy, if you don’t respect yourself enough you can’t be happy, if you are not kind and mindful to people the spirit you are trying to give out will be bad spirit and that nobody want that and can makes you think less of yourself which means no happiness. Happiness is more bigger than we are think and start from within because if you don’t love yourself you cannot love someone else. Your spirit, influence,energy,life has to do with one thing which is Happiness and they all have one thing in common “YOU” and even if you feel empty there’s so many room for happiness. My favorite quote about happiness is “happiness is not something you postpone for future it’s something you design for the present” Adulthood is been grown, accepting responsibility, appreciate what you have,learn from your failures than your success, make happiness an habit or for better make YOU an habit and remember happiness is not out there, it’s in YOU.

*Im grown, I’ve earned my experiences and my scars.* By Adeola Adeosun @theAdeolaCrown

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