Philanthropist & Businessman Farshid Joe Shooshani

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Beverly Hills To Honor Planning Commissioner Farshid Joe Shooshani with Lifetime Achievement Award

Philanthropist & Businessman To Be Recognized for His Dedication To The City of Beverly Hills

Preserving the beauty and integrity of a city with such an important cultural history as Beverly Hills California might sound like an exciting adventure, but the reality of doing so can be far more complex. As the crown jewel of Hollywood’s cinematic wonderland, Beverly Hills has served as the backdrop of countless films, television series and novels. It has also been both the literal and symbolic birthplace of many a movie star. As such, it is a city with more logistical intricacies than your average American town.

 As the Planning Commissioner, Mr. Shooshani has taken on a task that few could master with such grace and aplomb. He has overseen the appropriately beneficial growth of the city, from breaking ground on new developments that will promote the growth and prosperity that The City of Beverly Hills is known for, to preserving the iconic residences and businesses that make Beverly Hills a historical landmark.

 His bold decision making and visionary dedication to integrating new and necessary development in a way that benefits the city has left a mark on this storied landscape that will remain for generations to come. Mr. Shooshani has worked diligently to maintain the cultural integrity and world-renowned aesthetics that Beverly Hills is famous for, and his work will be honored at this year’s Beverly Hills Food & Wine Festival.

 The Beverly Hills Wine & Food Festival will serve as the perfect backdrop for the ceremony honoring Mr. Shooshani’s lifetime achievements, as it is the city’s annual celebration of Southern California’s most revered culinary offerings. In past years, The Beverly Hills Food & Wine Festival has offered patrons the opportunity to experience the finest cuisine, wine and spirits available, all while serving the community through charitable contributions. This makes it the ideal environment in which to recognize the life of Mr. Shooshani, a man who has served his community with the same passion and commitment.

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(l-r) Commissioner Alan Robert Block, Commissioner Andy Licht, Chair Farshid Joe Shooshani, Vice Chair Lori Greene Gordon, Commissioner Howard Fisher

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