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24Fashion TV, a new global fashion network, is proud to announce worldwide TV broadcasting to

over 100M households on Amazon Fire TV and ROKU TV platforms. Free access to this channel allows

viewers to see fashion runway shows, glamorous events, behind the scenes footage, and fashion art films

from all continents. 24Fashion TV has released a custom native application on each of these platforms to

deliver its content to viewers around the world.

All network members have the unique and free opportunity to submit their video content to be

considered for broadcast on its TV channel. No other TV network offers free membership and a chance for

members to submit content that can end up on television. The channel currently features the first ever digital

runway show by Gary James McQueen (nephew of Alexander McQueen), the unique runway show on Bali

by House of Mua Mua (an outfit from this collection was worn by Gwen Stefani on the “Today Show”

while performing her song “Let me introduce myself”), Paris Fashion Week shows by Farhad Re and Nabil

Younes and other events from designers across the fashion industry.

24Fashion is about to reach an even larger audience as it prepares to release an iOS application to a

potential audience of 1.65B owners of iOS devices worldwide (iPhones, iPads, etc). This application will

contain a professional database, social networking, retail integration, and many other functions that will be

unique to this project.


This global project was created to bridge the gap between industry professionals and the nonindustry

general public who love fashion and live fashion. What is Fashion if not the center of our lives?

Every day, in every way, we all make Fashion decisions.

At the present time, 24Fashion TV already features a star executive team, ambassadors, and partners

from around the world. 24Fashion TV was founded by creator/producer Victoria Unikel (award-winning

international artist and producer), editor-in-chief Galina Antonova (fashion editor, entrepreneur and front

row fashionista), and Chief Technology Officer Gene Avakyan (an award-winning leader with 25 years of

government and industry IT experience).

The nineteen-member 24Fashion TV international team includes advisors, editors, reporters, and

ambassadors, such as Klaudia Zinaty-Capalbo (regional director of Fashion Group International, Canada),

celebrity fashion columnist Christina Henningstad (Paris, France), Marre Gomez (singer and influencer,

Colombia/USA), Olyasha Novozhylova (founder of NotBasicBlonde podcast, USA), Carolina Ogliaro

(digital creator Milan Italy), Amanda Lauren (international Playboy and Maxim cover model, UK), and

many others. The combined social media reach of the team is over 5M people.

24Fashion has supported numerous industry events as media partner in Canada and USA and is

scheduled to take part in events in Northern Africa, France, Canada, and other countries.

Our slogan is 24Fashion – Always Be Fashion.

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