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18 Things You Didn’t Know About Chef-Owner John Doherty

Knowing the person behind a business helps understand what makes it tick.

Black Barn is a manifestation of my thoughts and dreams. I’ve put some little known fact together about myself for your entertainment.

— Chef-Owner John Doherty

1. My children are my greatest joy. I have 3 grown kids from my first marriage. Jenna a fashion designer in New York City; Patrick has his own personal training business; Evan is pursuing his teaching degree in mathematics. My wife Jennifer and I brought little Emmett into the world in March 2015.

2. I started cooking at the age of 15 and fell in love with the art of hospitality (making others happy).

3. During my time at The Waldorf, my biggest thrill and honor was meeting Ronald Reagan for the first time after preparing dinner for President Reagan, Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher, Helmut Kohl, Francois Mitterand, Brian Mulroney, Bettino Craxi, Yasuhiro Nakasone at the United Nations 40th Anniversary.

4. My wife is my closest confidant, and believes in me like no one else.

5. I used to like strong coffee, now I can only drink espresso.

6. At Black Barn, we play blues mixed with classic rock. When I relax I like to listen to new age instrumental and solo piano.

7. My last meal will be eaten with a spoon- and definitely have truffles shaved on it.

8. My go-to snack is Cheerios.

9. The only junk-food I can’t resist are doughnuts.

10. I am obsessed with BMW’s. When I see one parked on the street, I’ll admit that I stop and sometimes peak in the windows. I may have set off one or two alarms.

11. I don’t watch tv (except for football) for 2 reasons; there’s nothing on that I like and I don’t know how to work the remote control.

12. The greatest Leadership lesson I learned was from dog training where I learned the power of positive reinforcement.

13. My least favorite food is raw onions. You will never find a raw onion on any menu I’ve designed – sorry.

14. I’m deaf in one ear. My wife is convinced I have selective hearing.

15. Experience has taught me that my success is not achieved alone, but in collaboration with those I surround myself with.

16. I’m a JETS fan. There…..I said it.

17. I love dark beer, well aged Scotch, Champagne and French wine.

18. Spell check has changed my life.

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