Yvette Blaess

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Model, Activist Making A Mark on Fashion and Education

Yvette Blaess is a model, activist making a mark on fashion and education with her work with DyselxiaStudio. Yvette was diagnosed with adhd and dyslexia when she was in 3rd grade. Through her own journey, Yvette self taught herself after high school and didn’t let her adhd and dyslexia define her. She is showing how just because you can’t see someone struggling doesn’t mean they aren’t and that their learning differences don’t define them as a whole . She now works with The Dyslexia Foundation traveling all over the world to tell her story and create true change with the help of her company Dyslexia Studio. It is a unique way showcasing those living with learning differences around the world. Yvette and her company are bringing awareness through youth and adult comfortable sets. Dyslexia Studio is where fashion meets education.



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