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It seems like a lifetime ago when I was a microbiologist and fully immersed in a left-brained approach to life.  Little did I know at the time that my curiosity for life and love for scientific discovery was central to my true path and calling in life; DNA Healing.  During those days of scientific pursuits, my old self wouldn’t even entertain the idea of DNA healing. It wasn’t until my personal journey into DNA intelligence and healing began, when I received insights directly from life, that my perspective shifted. Driven by a calling, I embraced the role as a conduit for divine energy to aid humanity in healing. With nearly two decades of experience as a healer, my work involves leveraging intuitive abilities and a profound connection to the universal life force. This enables me to address and release energetic blockages, creating a space for profound healing to unfold.

Employing various techniques such as chakra clearing and balancing, along with my intuitive guidance, I assist clients in identifying and releasing ancestral traumas and imprints that may be impeding personal growth. The process unfolds in a sacred space where individuals can connect with their roots and acknowledge past wounds, in order to release stagnant energy which holds them and their lives in a bind and, likely, repetitive patterns. The healing journey, a gentle yet powerful exploration of one’s energetic landscape, is intricately defined by genetic codes.

Our existence is complex, with different bodies—physical, emotional, mental, astral, and etheric—each intertwined with unique systems and networks. Unlike approaches that narrowly focus on only on either the physical or mental body, my holistic healing method addresses all bodies concurrently. I firmly believe that DNA serves as both the lock and key to healing. It not only dictates physical traits but also encodes emotions, experiences, and life patterns.  DNA is self replicating, self repairing and self regulating. In my perspective, DNA is the hidden God seed—an amalgamation of love and light—representing the holographic memory of the universal record within our bodies. DNA is the database of life, it is the holder of infinite information available for any expression.  Any being with conscious awareness can take control of their DNA.  The empathic love frequency facilitates DNA to unfold and expand.  The harmonious tele-empathic (brain-heart connection) wavelength allows access to DNA activation and modification.  Presence and intention allow for quantum leaps through epigenetics and morphogenesis.  The intelligence of DNA is our conduit to the magic of healing.

This is how we can heal trauma at its source, rather than merely treating symptoms.  Negative circumstances can create protective mechanisms in our DNA, leading to blockages. For instance, a fear of spiders may originate from an ancestor’s experience in an area teeming with deadly spiders. While the modification served as survival and protection in the past, it can hinder present-day life, much like wearing a helmet for the rest of your life after a motorcycle accident would be unnecessary and nonsensical.  

Conducting healing sessions involve light conversations with clients, connecting intuitively with them and Source simultaneously. Through this connection, the “root cause” of traumas and blockages are identified.  Next, these events get validated and acknowledged by the client.  Once the client expresses their desire to change, we move into clarity where the healing occurs. Along with channeling, conversational hypnosis and sound healing are tools that I employ to foster enduring transformation by cultivating internal trust and unlocking innate wisdom. From my perspective, DNA healing is universally beneficial, offering access to higher potential in self-growth, career, relationships, and overall well-being.

Healing ancestral traumas, a core aspect of my practice, yields multidimensional benefits, influencing physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. It liberates individuals from inherited emotional burdens, fosters emotional freedom and creates a heightened sense of well-being. My clients often report improvements in physical health, citing reduced stress, improved sleep, and a strengthened immune system. Healing generational traumas establishes a profound connection to spiritual roots, aligning individuals with their higher selves and breaking free from cycles of negativity. 

My work and process within DNA healing combines scientific and spiritual insights. To my fellow science-minded individuals, I extend an invitation to open your hearts to this information and healing.  You can do your own research.  A good place to start is with Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Gregg Braden who are pioneers in this field. I would also recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Zach Bush, as they are prominent figures in the field of healing and wellness.  I feel a profound responsibility to share this light and knowledge and am passionate about doing so. I hope that you join me on this healing journey, as we heal not only our ancestors and ourselves, but also heal our children and future generations.

Let’s heal the world one gene at a time.

Dela Araghi is an L.A. based DNA Healer with clients worldwide.

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Phone: +1.818.233.0305

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