Julie Brown NYC

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In Town With Julie Brown NYC

In Town With Julie Brown NYC

When you do what you love, your passion becomes your work.

That’s the case with Julie Brown and the path she’s paved in our fashion industry. With her brand Julie Brown NYC, she not only helps you get dressed for a fancy occasion but also raises her voice so others are inspired as well. The brand stands for ↓

Dream Big. Dress Well. Be You!

I met Julie in her midtown office, surrounded by her upcoming spring and summer collections. It’s a marvelous space she’s created — welcoming and full of inspiration. Almost like stepping into a stylish dream bubble amidst the busy Manhattan district.


Being a mother of two lovely young daughters, Julie has built her legacy on talent along with love, family, and trust. Designing collections to help women on the go with a destination.


… For women who have so much on their agenda that style needs to balance their comfort levels. So that they don’t have to hire a personal stylist or spend hours trying to get ready. Something simple, chic, and to the point with purpose.


As I sat with her → we got personal about her journey. She’s been in the game for over 14 years. Since her days working for Ralph Lauren and a lovely bridal boutique on the Upper East Side → to having her own formal collection featured at the world renowned Bergdorf Goodman among other well known retailers.


When she started her own line it mostly consisted of soft bags with great fabrics. After she got married, her business thrived even higher. It started with a purpose — like most of us, she needed something to wear. Since she was almost late and had extra fabric in the house, Julie decided to wrap it around herself and wore it as a top to her husband’s birthday celebration. → That night she started getting orders for the very top she was wearing. She then took the step into a line of formalwear that was sold at Bergdorf.


Julie has a true talent for fashion and pure heart to accompany the positive message she’s sharing with the world and her clients. She does more than just make the average woman feel good in her designs → she brings an inspiring sense of motivation to her collection. One of my favorite things about putting on a JB piece for the first time is the tag. Each piece comes with an inspirational message.


Inspired and motivated by her family — Julie comes from a strong line of talented people. Her grandfather was a famous tailor on Wall Street and her mother was an artist…. I was impressed with her answer when I asked her how she defines fashion and style ↓


Fashion is what you feel comfortable with and style is how you wear it.


… Style is not polished or perfect and that’s what makes it so unique.


Julie Brown bases her brand on timeless pieces and knows the importance of good quality to accompany it. Really emphasizing on having a reason to buy what you’re buying. Because there is meaning behind what she’s making. Like most, her journey consisted of ups, downs, and a lot of lessons learned the hard way.


…through it all, there is never a day that I wouldn’t want to be doing this.

These days, her favorite pieces from the collection consist of the Misha Cape that is oh so lovely with its versatile ways. And if you’re already thinking spring or summer, Julie loves the long dresses which are both special and fancy. But also has a big heart for the prints as they’re more retro with vintage style. Classy.

And let’s be honest → the holiday season takes a big toll on us, since we’re far more busy worrying about others. So with a brand like Julie Brown — she makes it easy to worry less about what you’ll be wearing to your next holiday party.

Give me black, metallics, and simple prints!


With a family so full of love and motivation … it’s no surprise that the best piece of advice Julie ever received comes from her husband.

Shake a hand everyday!

— Peter Brown

And yes this is everything! Julie says she continues to take that advice because it’s always about growing. She also urges us all to go out and meet people, make a connection and to tell your story.

When I asked her where she finds her inspiration these days …

The world! In everything I see and feel, including current events. We live in a diverse state → It’s important to keep your eyes and ears open.

Then she said something only empowering people will tell you …

I love watching other people succeeding!!

Julie Brown with her old friend and co-worker from their bridal boutique days on the UES.

The courage to follow her dreams led her to this piece of golden advice:
Follow your dreams and listen, but that doesn’t mean to do what they say. Gather your facts, try new things, and expect to fail. Expect disappointment as it’s part of growing.


She goes on to explain that if you do well with one collection, it won’t mean that it will be consistent so keep pushing and…


Keep evolving! Keep creating! And surround yourself with the right people. — JB


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