Dress to Impress Yourself.

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Hello everyone, I’m Jelena. I live in Ontario, Canada and I am a wife and mom to three beautiful daughters. 

After having my three daughters, I have become a stay-at-home mom that is super dedicated to her girls. I have studied and worked really hard most of my life, so when I had my daughters, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to slow down and focus on things that matter the most to me. Motherhood hasn’t really changed me that much as I still love to dress up every day. I feel that even though I stay at home, I always feel better when I am dressed up and looking cute.

I also love sharing tips on how to style different clothing items, and also sharing fashion that isn’t super expensive. I do believe that every woman can look amazing on any budget. In addition, I am a big supporter of supporting other women, especially local businesses, so I do spend a lot of my time bringing attention to up-and-coming small businesses from my area as well as women that are trying to gain more clients by advertising their products on my Instagram page.

At a very young age, I have discovered my love for fashion but my parents were not able to afford all the pretty things I wanted. I have learned to style my wardrobe even when I didn’t have many pieces in my closet and my Instagram page shares my chic and very feminine style I have come to love.

Since starting my Instagram page, many women of all ages and walks of life have started to ask me about my sense of style. I have started responding to their questions and that inspired me to share more of my every day looks and outfits of the day.

My fashion page reflects my personal style and motto: dress to impress yourself.


Jelena @jelenahooton

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