Cora Kasperski is a Surprise

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Cora Kasperski is a surprise. Before you meet her you are certain how she is going to be, but you will be wrong. And you will be surprised:

Surprised first by her age. While she looks amazingly young, Cora is 55 years old. Her continuous youthfulness is combination of many things: good genes, good clean living and a dedication to fitness and health that is unlike anything you have ever seen.

Surprised her schedule. Cora’s gym is full with clients from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM and she gives every client a full dose of her wisdom and motivation. So when does she get her work done. Well, Cora rises every morning at 2:45 AM to workout before her first client arrives. She does this 6 days a week (Sunday she arises at 530 AM.). Her dedication is all her own. She is amazing.

Surprised by her big heart. When you meet Cora, her physical appearance is what strikes you first. Her shoulders are broad and muscular and her arms are a testimony to her commitment to keeping her biceps and triceps at peak. Her legs, however, are probably her best physical feature. They are strong and sleek and it is no surprise that she works her legs 2 to 3 times a week. Leg Day is her favorite day in the gym.

But this surprise is not Cora’s appearance, it is about her big heart. In just five minutes with Cora you know that she is all about the truth (“Honey, what happened to you!!!) and about giving you love and hope that your dreams of health can come true (“Honey, you look amazing!!!”).

People come to Laguna Fitness to get fit and healthy. They stay for years and years because Cora fills them with what they need most. The confidence to be at their best. And that is no surprise.

Cora Kasperski

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