One pair of shoes a day keeps the doctor away!

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Ooooooh, what a pity! So many beautiful shoes and only two feet….

Once in a while I’m trying to clean up my wardrobe. Well, to be more precise, after the discussions with my husband why I got so many things, especially shoes, drive me to do some crazy stuff, like minimizing the number of my shoes. Ok, ok, it’s more because I must promise him to make some space, before buying new ones (dear hubby, if you are reading this, please don’t ask me to make a decision between my beloved shoes and you. You know you’d be missing me a lot).

Shoes and I have a very deep love affair. It began when I was about 5 years old. I fell in love with a pair of gorgeous white sandals with beautiful little flowers and sparkling bling bling stones on them. The sound of my clack-clack-soles on the street were like music in my tiny ears. After I won a fight, by defending my shoes in front of another girl from my hood, because she said that her shoes were better than mine, I knew from this moment on that I was the Gangsta-bling-bling-Queen and all the respect of the kids were mine. All for one, one for all – the unspoken musketeers promise between a pair of Cinderella-sandals and the pure soul of a little girl counts for a lifetime. This was the birth hour of my love for shoes, the knowledge that attitude is everything and the fact, that a pair of shoes can make you feel royal.

Many years, much more kilos and wrinkles later a lot of things have changed, but my love for shoes continued. Why? Well, when I am buying a new pair of shoes, it is like a promise of a new beginning. For me it’s like:

“I’m so depressed. I want another life on another planet, or at least I need a long timeout. Sadly I can’t afford vacations. So, let’s buy these breathtaking beautiful shoes and tadaaa, magically, in a blink of an eye it happens that I’m feeling pretty fine again.”

“I really, really need exactly these gorgeous pair of black shoes. This black is soooo different from the other black shoes!”

“Shoes are like chocolate. Just even better, because they are low carb. You can buy as many as you like, without getting fat!”

“Regardless how much you eat, the shoes always fit!”

“You don’t have to put off your clothes to try a pair of shoes. Oooopsie, accidently you’re buying shoes in warp speed.”

“Shoes are sooooo much cheaper than a designer handbag (sweet little lies to hubby)”

“Shoes speak louder than any words ever could!”

“I can’t throw away shoes. They are my babies. They said MOMMY to me!”

Maybe you call this addiction. I call it “SHOE LOVE IS TRUE LOVE!”

Much love

Nia Mayflow xxx
Instagram @nia_mayflow

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