Vee the Yogi

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Vee is a vibrant yoga instructor who has been practicing yoga for 18 years of her life! She obtained her certification in Bali, Indonesia and lived in Australia during her fitness & wellness journey. She also offers personable one on one stretching using the Hypervolt massage gun. The powerful percussion gun relives stiff muscles so you can train harder and recover faster by working through the myofascial tissues. Yoga & stretching are extremely beneficial because it helps prevent injuries such as muscle strains, improves coordination allowing for better range of motion and flexibility, reduces muscle tension by relaxing the body, and helps loosens the mind’s control of the body by putting it at ease and a restful state.

Vee creates an experience that elevates and heightens your mind, body & soul. Sessions include a state of bliss with good vibrations, healing energy and letting go of stress. You can book a yoga session, stretching or a combination; whatever you are looking for Vee can cater to your body’s needs and wants to “Rise & Restore” the rejuvenated YOU!  

Vee the YogiBunny

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