The Holiday Season: How to Get it Right

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Counting Cash!

The holidays are all about giving but some go overboard and get in debt. Here are a few tips to manage your money.

#1: Start with a list.

Remove kids over 12 who are not your own, and include them in a family gift instead.

#2: Try to only spend cash.

Take advantage of buy-one-get-one deals that can be found all over the place during the holiday shopping season. Split up gift sets and rewrap them.

#3: Before you shop, take an inventory of your home.

Is there anything you can re-gift?

#4: Consider giving family gifts instead of individual ones.

Restaurant gift certificates, movie tickets and gift cards are things that everyone can enjoy.


Holiday Season 2015

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Keep it polite!

 What are the etiquette “dos” and “don’ts” during the holiday season?

PROBLEM: You invite a friend to your party… but your friend brings five extra people and only one bottle of wine as a gift.

SOLUTION: Don’t take it out on the uninvited guests. It’s probably not their fault that they were asked to tag along. But you may want to think twice about inviting your friend to another holiday party.

PROBLEM: Someone brings extra food to the party… but it all has to be cooked. Unfortunately, your stove and oven is already filled to the max!

SOLUTION: Tell your guest you appreciate the extra food but it won’t be prepared until the original meals have been cooked and served.

PROBLEM: A major argument breaks out… and everyone is uncomfortable.

SOLUTION: Either they solve the problem or they have to (literally) take it outside.

As the host you can’t be rude, but tolerating poor behavior will only encourage it. It’s also a good idea not to take sides.

Cynthia Newdel

By Cynthia Newdel

Cynthia Newdel is the Booker for FOX5 KVVU in Las Vegas. She spent seven years with FOX News Channel in New York where she booked interview segments for Neil Cavuto. Cynthia also freelances as a local media trainer and public speaking advisor.


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