Rocky’s Bali Adventure

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Who doesn’t dream of an exclusive trip ? I know I do. The amazing photographer Rocky Batchelor and model, Kalyssa, made this dream come to life. They had the amazing opportunity to have a dream like getaway to Bali, which included a photoshoot and experience at the Double Six Luxury Hotel/The Plantation Grill Seminyale. Bali is known as an oasis, both Rocky and Kalyssa brought this all to life. They made it radiate even through the photographs with their beauty and talent. Who wants to go to Bali ! Lets pack our bags and go !

Brands for each photo :

(Yellow/White Dress)- Pretty Little Thing

(Tan Pumps)- Christian Louboutin

(Green Jumpsuit)- Pretty Little Thing

(Brown Satin Dress)- Pretty Little Thing

(Lime Green Mini Dress)- Meshki

(Rust Orange Dress)- Missy Empire

(Black/Gold Striped Dress)- Pretty Little Thing

(Red Sweater Top/White Pants)- Miss Lola

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