Redefining Luxury Lifestyle Management

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Marika Poveromo: Building a Luxurious Empire with WE Concierge

Meet Marika Poveromo, a visionary entrepreneur, embodying the essence of balance and versatility. As the CEO and Founder of WE Concierge, she leads with a relentless work ethic, crafting an inspiring path for her venture. Marika’s altruistic spirit finds expression through the various initiatives undertaken by her organization, leaving a positive imprint on communities around the globe. A true social butterfly, she effortlessly navigates through diverse environments, forming genuine connections wherever she goes. Marika’s passion for both the bustling excitement of her work and the serenity life offers is palpable, reflecting in the foundation of WE Concierge, which seeks to enhance lives in every possible facet. 

The Bold Move

Marika’s tale begins in Riccione – Italy, a city that was a paradise for tourists but a grind for those trying to make a living. London and Australia was her next stop, where she embraced her role as an event planner, hosting various events. Her love for travel then led her on a remarkable six month European adventure, a journey that not only quenched her wanderlust, but also deepened her understanding of the hospitality and service industries in each unique place she visited. These travels allowed her to forge lasting connections with individuals who shared her passion and vision. Upon returning to Australia, Marika decided to expand her knowledge by learning about marketing, recognizing that it was an essential skill in the modern business landscape. With her newly acquired expertise, she was well-prepared for her next bold move. After that, she made the decision to pack her bags and set sail for Dubai, where the promise of financial freedom beckoned.

Upon her arrival in Dubai, Marika faced initial struggles due to the lack of guidance on navigating through the bustling city. These challenges fueled her determination to support others considering relocation, aiming to demystify the process and showcase how manageable it is with the right assistance. With only a mere 200 british pounds, and her entrepreneurial ambitions, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, but it took a year and a half to secure a job. Initially, she freelanced for various concierge companies, gaining valuable insights into the specific services in demand by the community. Dubai granted her the financial freedom she had sought, enabling her to save and pursue her aspirations unrestrained.

She knows what it’s like to scrape by on meager wages while navigating a foreign land. Her journey from not even knowing English while working on in five star hotel in London (Corinthia Hotel as restaurant receptionist) then in yacht in Australia to being a luxury lifestyle mogul in Dubai is nothing short of inspirational. The bustling city offered her a blank canvas to paint her aspirations, and with sheer determination, she transformed challenges into stepping stones. Marika’s adaptability and her tenacious perseverance enabled her to learn English and embrace various cultures, a skill that would later define her success in the diverse and multicultural landscape of Dubai. She not only built an empire but also became an inspiration for others facing similar obstacles. 

A Fascination for Stories

What truly fascinates Marika are the stories people carry with them. She’s captivated by their adventures, their work, and the myriad perspectives they bring to the table. Her journey to becoming the CEO of a global lifestyle powerhouse is as intriguing as the stories she loves to hear. From humble beginnings, Marika exhibited an innate curiosity and a drive to understand the world around her. As she climbed the ladder of success, she never lost sight of the power of empathy and connection, values instilled in her from an early age. Marika’s thirst for knowledge and understanding moved her forward, shaping the very essence of WE Concierge. Each tale she encountered fueled her determination to create a haven where people’s stories are not only heard but celebrated. This genuine interest in the human experience remains the cornerstone of her leadership, as she continues to bridge the gap between dreams and reality for countless individuals seeking the perfect blend of hustle and harmony in their lives.

Redefining Luxury Lifestyle Management

WE Concierge, under Marika’s leadership, offers an array of services that elevate every facet of its members’ lives. It’s not just about concierge; it’s about life enhancement. With dedicated lifestyle managers as a single point of contact, the level of responsiveness and access that can be experienced is truly life-changing. 

In her role as a facilitator, Marika offers an extensive list of services through WE Concierge. These encompass asset management, investment consulting, (WE Consulting) relocation assistance, aiding in business setups, and even procuring luxury goods. Additionally, her business extends a unique package called the “Business Owner Package,” a customized service designed to accommodate clients’ budgets by providing discounts on flights, hotels, and chauffeurs. WE Concierge truly sets a new standard for luxury service.

The Dubai Experience

Their expertise extends to providing corporate and personal concierge services in Dubai. With extensive experience in the Dubai hospitality sector, they’ve cultivated relationships with solution providers across the city. From securing business class flights or private jets and organizing hotel stays to arranging business meetings and offering real estate advice, they’ve got Dubai covered. And let’s not forget desert safaris, private jets, and business development—all part of the WE Concierge repertoire. Marika’s team at WE Concierge is a well-oiled machine, finely tuned to cater to the unique needs of their discerning clientele. Their insider knowledge of the city’s intricacies allows them to curate personalized experiences, ensuring that each client’s desires and aspirations are met with unmatched precision and flair. Their comprehensive offerings truly embody the opulence of this glittering metropolis, leaving a trail of delighted clients eager for more.

Dubai, with its dazzling architecture, lavish shopping, and unrivaled entertainment options, is a city that demands the best. WE Concierge’s premium rental services offer clients the chance to explore the city in style. Whether you want to cruise the Palm Jumeirah in a Lamborghini or Ferrari or unwind in a luxury villa with breathtaking views, WE Concierge has you covered.

Beyond Dubai

Marika’s passion doesn’t stop at Dubai; her vision has expanded to Mykonos, Ibiza, the Maldives, Miami, Siunth of France and London. For those seeking a luxurious getaway, WE Concierge curates private vacations and investments plans in these places, handling everything from flights and accommodations to activities, restaurant reservations, and even global yacht bookings. It’s all about a stress-free, top-tier experience Wherever you go, WE Concierge ensures their clients are treated like royalty.

On Self Reliance and Empowerment

As a woman who has scaled remarkable heights in a male-dominated industry, Marika has a message for other women. She knows that many women rely on men to navigate life’s challenges, but she also believes in self-reliance and hard work. Her journey in Dubai, starting with limited knowledge and facing adversity, speaks of her own determination to be self reliant. Marika’s advice to women is simple: work harder, stay focused on your goals, and never let anyone undermine your aspirations. Confidence in oneself is the ultimate source of reliance. 

Marika’s company, WE Concierge, pays homage to the strength and resilience of women. The acronym “WE” represents Women Empowerment, a cause close to her heart. Marika primarily focuses on collaborating with women, firmly believing in their immense strength and capabilities, equal to that of men. She advocates for women’s ability to navigate the world independently and aims to amplify their voices, ensuring their stories and aspirations are recognized and celebrated.

Marika Poveromo and WE Concierge have redefined what it really means to live life to the fullest. Through her journey and the success of WE Concierge, Marika has demonstrated that the barriers of gender and societal expectations can be shattered with determination and resilience. She embodies the notion that a woman can not only break the glass ceiling but also thrive in a world that might initially seem resistant to change. Marika’s journey inspires and urges women to step into their power, chase their dreams, and unapologetically embrace the path to self-reliance. 

Marika Poveromo

Ceo and founder of WE Concierge


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