Queen of the South Bay

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In the dynamic landscape of Manhattan Beach’s bustling South Bay, Esmeralda Gallemore stands as a formidable force, embodying a captivating narrative of empowerment and triumph. In the midst of this vibrant community, Esmeralda’s journey unfolds as a testament to the indomitable spirit that can overcome challenges and redefine societal norms.

Hailing from a modest background in a small Mexican town, Esmeralda’s story is rooted in the values instilled by her close-knit family. Their pursuit of a better life and greater opportunities led them on a courageous journey as immigrants to the United States. It was a journey marked by sacrifice, determination, and an unwavering commitment to success, with little more than a dream as their guiding light.

Esmeralda’s early experiences were shaped by the struggles of adapting to a new environment, yet her innate drive for more propelled her forward. Despite societal expectations that urged her to conform to gender stereotypes and stay away from business, Esmeralda harbored a desire for something greater. She recognized that her unique perspective as a woman could be a powerful asset in propelling her to heights beyond convention.  This was achieved what some call “the old school way” with true grit going door to door, accumulating funding and endorsement by professionals through her infectious positive mindset.  By believing in herself and those around her, she co founded a medical practice from the ground up which, after time, grew into a 20 million dollar operation.   Through dilligent work ethic, she helped elevate the practice to one of the most respected in her area.  

Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen eye for opportunities, Esmeralda ventured into the challenging realm of real estate investment. Through calculated risks and strategic decision-making, she meticulously built a thriving portfolio of properties, showcasing not only her astute business acumen but also her ability to identify lucrative investment prospects. She has worked with everyone from prominent business owners like Michael Zilis, to celebrities like George Lopez. She has owned and flipped over 20 homes in her tenure. Esmeralda’s accomplishments in the real estate sector not only secured her financial independence but also became a source of inspiration for others in her community, especially women, encouraging them to consider investment as a viable pathway to prosperity.

Not content with confining her efforts to a single field, Esmeralda extended her reach into the world of health and wellness. Driven by a passion for promoting well-being, she founded a line of vitamins designed to nurture a balanced and healthy lifestyle. In recognizing the unique challenges faced by mothers, she sought to provide products that would support them in maintaining both mental and physical sharpness while navigating the responsibilities of family life.  Thus, EyesAndBody was born.  She knew that what she created was too important not to share, so she embarked on an even more expansive wellness journey.

Esmeralda then took a turn towards wellness coaching, where she not only imparted personalized guidance but also utilized her medical background to contribute to consulting. Her dedication to empowering individuals to overcome challenges, develop positive mindsets, and unlock their innate capabilities became a cornerstone of her mission, encapsulated by her mantra, “Your wellness is my mission.”

Esmeralda believes in a strong mind-body-soul connection.  Her spirituality combined with her medical experience and roller coaster of a life enables her to help people connect with themselves in a deep and meaningful way.  Esmeralda has noticed that in today’s day and age, we seem to lose our connection to ourselves because of all the hustle and bustle that goes on in our minds, in our lives, and on our phones.  Her company EyesAndBody helps people get back to the roots of what makes them feel good so they can grow, thrive, and achieve whatever their mind and body desires.  She hopes to bring people a holistic, positive, and connective approach through her many products including vitamins, supplements, books, and weekly tips and tricks.       

The multifaceted Esmeralda, always seeking to maximize her impact, embraced collaboration with Telemundo and eHouse media to create a show highlighting real-life experiences called “The Esmie show”. Focused on individuals who have triumphed over abuse, trauma, depression, and life-threatening situations, her show aims to provide a platform for strong and inspiring women, showcasing their resilience and inspiring others to overcome adversity.    She was a victim of a nearly deadly incident, and survived a high one story fall in an accident.  Most would crumble under this type of trauma, but Esmeralda did not fold.  She returned to her usual state through perseverance and positive thinking. Esmeralda has had a tumultuous life, but through each struggle and challenge, it helped shape her into the resilient and powerful woman she is today. She wants to share vulnerability with others and unlock new ways to overcome emotional damage.  With not only her knowledge, but her actual practice of mental fortitude techniques, she has risen above all expectations. 

As a single mother, Esmeralda is intimately familiar with the challenges of time and task management. Yet, she strives to empower other mothers, exemplifying that they, too, can be leaders and positive examples for their families and communities.  In the contemporary landscape, Esmeralda positions herself at the forefront of women’s empowerment, sharing her knowledge and life experiences with women worldwide.  One of her main focuses at the moment is sharing her experience as a single mother with others dealing with pre-teens and adolescence.  As a mother of twins in Jr. high, she has had her hands full with parenthood, but is still able to thrive and grow with her family while maintaining her businesses.  She has a variety of content in the works dealing with children and their transition into young adulthood.  With her knowledge of healthy living, she strives to share her insights with the next generation and parents helping their young ones.   

Recognizing the influence of storytelling in shaping young minds, Esmeralda knew she needed to get her word out to as many markets as possible.  She has taken on the role of a children’s book author. Her engaging narratives draw inspiration from her own life experiences and instill essential values, encouraging young readers to dream big and embrace their unique potential. Her commitment to fostering a love for literature and education among children has earned her accolades as a devoted advocate for young readers.

In addressing societal pressures, Esmeralda recently delved into the topic of eating disorders in her latest book. Tailored for pre-teens and young adults, the book seeks to alleviate societal pressures and enhance understanding of their bodies. In an era inundated with social media, photoshop, and unrealistic expectations, Esmeralda strives to empower young women to recognize their intrinsic value beyond appearances.  How is it that a first generation immigrant who did not know a word of English became a successful author? Because before your wellness was her mission, her own wellness was.  Esmeralda has proved that with consistency, determination, and a strong connection to yourself, anything is possible.  

Beyond her professional pursuits, Esmeralda’s influence extends to social media, where she has become a positive force, sharing her mindset and lifestyle tips. Her expertise in wellness and the medical field seamlessly integrates with her accessible and inspiring content on various platforms. She shares daily tips, tricks, exercises,and recipes so that everyone can feel as happy and healthy as they can be.  As family and unity were very important things to her growing up, she always incorporates elements of food and practice that can bring people together.  Her mindset aligns with the saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”  

Esmeralda’s commitment to positive representation is underscored by her strong desire to shine light on her roots to empower people like her.  At the Latin Billboard Awards, she engaged with notable Hispanic actors, emphasizing the importance of portraying women in a respectable and capable manner.  She continues to be a shining beacon of light for the Hispanic community and lets them know they can accomplish anything, Si se puede!  

Esmeralda’s journey, from an immigrant with modest beginnings to a multifaceted and influential entrepreneur, has transformed her into a symbol of empowerment and hope for women. Her story exemplifies the resilience and tenacity of women, proving that greatness indeed knows no bounds. Esmeralda continues to utilize her life lessons to spread knowledge and empathy to mothers, children, and health enthusiasts everywhere, leaving an indelible mark on the realms of business, wellness, and advocacy.  She has many more stories to tell, and can’t wait to share the next chapters with all. 

Website https://eyesandbody.com/

follow her on IG https://www.instagram.com/esmeralda.gallemore/

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