What the Experts AREN’T Telling You About Health

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Written by Nikki Sharp

I’ve dedicated the past 7 years to researching all things health, wellness, fitness, spirituality and self-improvement. During this time, I have seen trends come and go, people get results then lose them, and an overwhelm of information. We live in a period where it’s easier than ever to research the best diet, or what fitness activity you should be doing. However, the problem with this is that with so much available information, it creates overload and confusion to what you should actually be doing. From Chinese Medicine to Ayurveda, to the keto and paleo diets, to vegan, raw, Soul Cycle, Crossfit and more, it’s getting overwhelming as to what you should be focusing on. With an epidemic of obesity in America, there is a massive need to change our mindset on what health is. And that is why I am so passionate about what I’m about to share.

As I live and breathe this industry, I am going to share with you some secrets that the experts aren’t telling you about health.

  1. The reason you aren’t seeing results is not because of your diet. It’s because of what you are thinking, either consciously or unconsciously. You see, we have thoughts and beliefs that cause us to make decisions that either help our goals or hinder them. The next time you catch yourself saying something negative about your weight, looks, or business, make note that this is preventing you from the results you desire.
  2. Do not skip sleep for your workout. This has been a big misconception about health and that getting up that hour earlier to hit the gym at 6am is better for you. Yes, getting physical activity is necessary for your health. The issue arises that we tend to be on our phones until late at night, then wake up early, which reduces the time we have for the regenerative REM sleep our body needs. Sleep is more important for your health than that 6am workout.
  3. Focusing on feeling light and energetic beats any diet. Now, I shouldn’t be saying this because I have my 5-Day Detox program, as well as the Sharp Lifetime Diet, and my Meal Prep Your Way to Weight Loss book. However, no diet will work for everyone, which is why I recommend everyone to focus on foods and meals that will make you feel light and energetic. Focus on how you feel after any given meal. If you feel like you could go workout, or that your brain feels super focused, then it’s one to repeat. If you feel heavy or tired, skip it next time.

Health is not a one-size-fits all approach. There are so many factors to keep in mind, however one of the most important things to remember is to model those who are more successful than you. This is why finding a mentor, guide, expert, or coach is incredibly important. For example, I share a lot of tips through my Instagram @nikkisharp to promote the lifestyle that I teach. People like the ways I teach and then ask if I take on clients, as they want help getting to their goals. The same as you will get a trainer to help you transform your body, getting a coach for nutrition and mindset is equally important. Follow those who inspire you to be a better version of yourself and make you work at it every day.

Nikki Sharp is a wellness expert, 2x best-selling author, creator of the #1 app, The 5-Day Detox, and life coach. She helps people to see results they want with her highly effective 3-month program, which has transformed the lives of thousands. To learn more, follow her @nikkisharp on Instagram or via her website www.nikkisharp.com .

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