Madrid’s Fashion Boss

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I am Conchi, a woman immersed in the duality of the elegance of the catwalks and the cunning of entrepreneurship. As a model, female entrepreneur and luxury brand ambassador, my journey has become a vibrant tapestry that reflects the richness of experience, authenticity and vitality of the mature woman.

Since my first steps in fashion, I have embraced a constant metamorphosis, where each experience has not only been a lesson in style, but also an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. I represent the image of the mature, active and more vital woman than ever. Every event I attend is an opportunity to challenge stereotypes, showing that experience is an invaluable asset that only improves with time.

As a female entrepreneur, I have internalized the importance of authenticity and determination. Beyond the cameras, my foray into marketing has been a strategic dance between creativity and business vision. Becoming an ambassador for luxury brands not only means representing exceptional products, but also embodying the unique essence of each fashion house, transmitting the strength and wisdom that only maturity can grant.

In my lifestyle, I combine a passion for fashion with a commitment to a healthy life. I practice sports, I nourish myself with conscious eating and I take care of my well-being, recognizing that vitality is the secret to staying active and in perfect condition. Every event I attend is an opportunity to demonstrate that age does not limit energy and elegance, but rather enriches it.

Thus, in every step of my journey, I represent the mature woman who has not only reached the fullness of her style, but continues to learn and evolve with grace and determination. Each event is a platform to display the image of a woman who celebrates experience, challenging expectations and demonstrating that maturity is not a static term, but a dynamic journey of continuous growth and improvement. I combine all this with my work as a mother, developing my feeling of empathy and affection, caring for and providing my daughters with the greatest support and dedication for their future personal and professional lives. The foundations of education are fundamental to create people with good principles.

Conxi Grandoso Gonzalez

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