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Also, Freedom · Unisex Embroidered Tees to Elevate Your Being

Also, Freedom · Unisex Embroidered Tees to Elevate Your Being

It’s all about individuality and inspiration.

Also, Freedom is a unisex elevated embroidered t-shirt company, made from 100% Pima cotton by Dahlia Hage. This LA-based, Beirut beauty, has created a collection that aims to inspire others to fulfill their passions.

Their collection currently carries 7 quotes and I had the pleasure of modeling two of my favorites ↓ photos by Alyzeh Ashraff.

I love the feel of these tees! Comfortable AF

Made from 100% Pima cotton which is a much-desired “extra long staple” cotton, it can be woven into softer and more durable fibers than other types of cotton.

Interview with founder & CEO ♥ Dahlia Hage

Doost: How were you inspired to start this creative journey?

Dahlia: It is strikingly simple how I decided I wanted to pursue A,F. I love words. Creatively used commas and periods are enough to stop me anywhere. I collect quotes. Reading quotes by different people in different professions of different eras really inspire me. I love guessing at the context when I’m invited to, and I also really appreciate knowing the state of mind it was said in.

I am going to stop myself now and explain that I have been on a never-ending search for the perfect white tee and so is almost everyone I know. Strange isn’t it… that people have a hard time finding a good quality white tee at a reasonable price- let alone a good quality reasonably priced truly unisex white tee. I got really fed up with cheap quality tees with shallow sayings. I personally would never wear something that I couldn’t agree with all day long, through any mood. I happen to be pretty moody so the only demeanor I can agree with all day is a passionate one.

Doost: What is the purpose/message of your collection?

Dahlia: The message of my collection is to not to postpone your freedom. Nearly every conversation I have on any given day is one where the person is complaining about their job. Not a task. Their job. Maybe I am just that stubborn, but I can’t physically make myself do things I hate for the period of time one is expected to be at a job. Sure, I can push myself for the short term but the phrase “I’ll work here for a few years until I get the chance to do what I love” is very dangerous and I’ve heard it consistently on multiple continents. A,F is meant to support and encourage those who have drowned in the mindset of society. It is natural for people to believe what society pushes onto them for years, however, I’m not ok with my worth being judged by whether or not I’m sitting at a desk at the right hours and I think more and more people are starting to wake up to this strange measure of success. The concept of not postponing your freedom applies to so many situations, but my cubicle in Dubai at my first and last full-time corporate job is the context in which I first noticed it.

Doost: Why do you continue to follow your passion?

Dahlia: Because I am too passionate and stubborn not to. My passion is to create, anything from clothing to character dialogue. Stress is a reliable result of me not creating anything on any given day.

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