Coachella Valley

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The life and style of @Taketheridexo in the heart of Coachella Valley.

I love to romanticize my life whether I’m in jeans, sweats, or evening wear and a part of that is learning to appreciate life’s simple thrills. I start by soaking in the desert morning sun with coffee, fruit, a fresh croissant, and lemon-scented perfume. I write in my gratitude journal and allow myself time to relax and organize my thoughts before the day begins. I try to make even the most mundane of days feel unique because they are what make up the majority of our lives – not the vacations or special events that happen once in a while. I’m living with intention, being aware of the present, and embracing minimalism. Celebrate living for the smaller reasons and fall in love with life again.

This season I ask you one thing: take a second, look around, and realize what an incredible blessing it is for you to be here right now.

Photos: Feel in Focus Muse: Annette C

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