Maria Valetta Talks Wine Glassware

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4 Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Style of Wine Glasses for Your Home

  • Always Choose STEMware:

I am not a fan of stemless wine glasses; you can wind up with fingerprints all over the glass (especially if you’re eating appetizers with your hands) and that never looks pretty. Plus, the stem will make sure you don’t accidentally warm up your wine from the heat of your hands. Neither whites nor reds should be overly warm, or they will taste out of balance. Choose a wineglass with a stem and hold it properly (by the stem).

  • Choose a Wide Enough Bowl:

You want to be able to swirl in style. A wide bowl provides ample space for swirling your wine, without swirling wine on yourself. Swirling unlocks the wines’ full potential. Gentle agitation and exposure to oxygen release aromatic compounds, intensifying the bouquet and enhancing your tasting experience. With more space to spread out A wide bowl ensures sufficient wine surface area for optimal oxygenation, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable sip.

  • Consider the Rim:

Look for glasses with fine, thin rims, as they allow the wine to flow smoothly from your lips onto your palate, enhancing your tasting experience. Avoid thicker rims, which can distract from the wine’s flavors and aromas.

  • Material Matters:

Opt for glasses made from clear crystal or glass. They should be transparent to allow you to fully see the clarity and appreciate the color especially if it is a wine with age on it. Additionally, crystal glasses tend to be thinner, lighter, and more delicate, further enhancing your swirling and wine-drinking experience.

4 Wine Glassware Brands to Seek Out ~ Recommended by Maria Valetta @mariathewineblonde:

*Riedel @riedel_official

*Julianna Glass @juliannaglassware

*Schott Zwiesel @schottzwiesel

*Luigi Bormioli www. @luigibor

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