Valentine gifts for Under $50

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The 5 Best Gifts for Your Valentine Under $50

When it comes to Valentine’s Day there are a million and one ways to say I Love You ♥

No matter the size or price — it’s the thought that counts. It’s about the effort and time you took to decide on it, but lucky for you, the world wide web makes the process so much easier. While keeping things creative, because sometimes we’re on a budget.

And I’d choose you, in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality. I’d find you and I’d choose you.

— Kiersten White ✩☾ The Chaos of Stars

Below you’ll find a few of my favorites gifts under $50 that are thoughtful and cuTe af ↓

➀ Upgrade your boxed chocolates with these incredible tiny smores in a box ?

Smalls Smores are one of my newest favorites because they’re the all-in-one tiny smore kit. They make for the most ideal date essential — grab some milk, a blanket, and don’t forget your date!

➁ Trade in the bouquet of flowers for a couple succulents instead ↓

Their cheaper and last longer! They add so much value to an environment and barely need any care taking — trust they’ll appreciate it. Just like flowers, there are so many to choose from. Get creative with it and look for the unusual.

Most places like your local flower shop or the Farmer’s Markets carry variety at affordable rates. I’ve seen deals like 3 for $15 or so, which is probably less than a bouquet of red roses on Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget roses and flowers will be in high demand the day of.

Tip: If you live in NYC, go to the flower district on 28 Street and 7th Avenue to get them directly from the source. Best picks and prices.

➂ Customized candle in their favorite bottle with a message!

Thoughtful, extravagant, eco-friendly, and they’re $40 Get Wickd! You can choose your own bottle or pick one from their fantastic inventory. Think of a message or grab a quote to customize your piece. Sure to brighten up your sweethearts day!

➃ Say it like Kanye ↓

Because a little humor goes a long way and these range between $2-6.

Click on the image to be directed to the Esty site…

➄ And if you’re really close … undergarments 

This might be TMI but I just got a set from Related Garments for hubby. He’s very picky and to my surprise — he loves ’em. There’s a set for each, or even mix and match! They currently have a sale so you can get 3 items for less than $50.

Use code VDAY during check-out for 20% off your order.

Happy Valentines Day my doosts ♥ would love to hear from you!! Comment or DM us with your stories.

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