Maya Turk: Designing Spaces, Curating Dreams

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“A Lebanese Interior Designer’s Journey into Artful Living”


As a professional interior designer with over 15 years of experience, Maya the founder of ‘Maya Turk Studio’ designs spaces with a minimalistic approach, emphasizing comfort, wellbeing, and a respect for the space’s essence. She selects artworks that align with client’s tastes, often consulting gallerists for insights into the work’s origin, history, value, and artistic significance. While initially drawn to the aesthetic aspect of art, recent experiences have sparked a deeper interest in the broader world of art and exhibitions.

A growing curiosity about the history of modern art, particularly its position in the Middle East and the Arab world, has led her to explore the role of curators and the intricacies of organizing exhibitions. This newfound fascination has prompted a desire to intertwine design and art further within her practice, culminating in a transformative decision three years ago.
This decision entailed returning to university to pursue a master’s degree in art history and Curating at AUB ( American University of Beirut ), along with obtaining a certificate in Art Management at ESA. This academic pursuit has not only enhanced her scholarly profile but has also expanded the horizons of her professional endeavors.
Today, in addition to creating captivating spaces, she engages with clients on a deeper level, offering consultative services for art acquisition. Leveraging expertise in art management, opportunities to curate exhibitions have emerged, facilitated by a platform she co-founded named Art.Form. This dual role seamlessly integrates interior design with the realm of art, enriching the practice with a dynamic blend of creativity and curation.
”Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love” by Nate Barkus
Maya resonates deeply with this quote because she truly believe that a well-designed home should reflect the unique identity and personal preferences of the client. It goes beyond mere aesthetics, each element within the living space should contribute to a narrative about the people who reside there.
By curating a collection of items that hold personal significance and resonate with individual tastes, the home becomes a tangible expression of the client’s personalities, memories, and passions.

When designing a space, she always make sure to infuse it with authenticity, turning it into a canvas that beautifully encapsulates the essence of her client’s lives.
During the design process, she always compare the space to a black canvas where every piece of art contributes to the vibrant palette of a well-curated home.

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