Live your Best Quarantine Life

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At first glance, Lydia Friberg might seem like a typical girl that you see all over Instagram, a girl with crystal clear eyes and soft blonde hair falling over her sun-kissed shoulders. However, Lydia’s life is far from normal…

Lydia grew up in a small Swedish town called Uppsala where she lived with her parents until she was 15 years old. By that age she was selected represent the national team for basketball in Sweden. Around the same age she also moved away from home to attend a national boarding school for the sport. In high school Lydia was studying double science, lived all by herself, while she was traveling all over Europe to play basketball. During Lydia’s summer and winter breaks while most of the people in her age was partying and laying out in the sun was she in training, representing the national team in diverse championships. Lydia moved across the Atlantic after graduating high school to play D1 college basketball. During her 4 years in the states has she lived both in Texas, Florida and, California. Where she in the last mentioned graduated as a student-athlete this May with her bachelor in communications.

With finally being done with basketball and having all of this time on her hands, Lydia started to travel around the states post-graduation. One day you could see her chilling on the beach in San Diego, the other flying a plane to Vegas, to driving a boat in Arizona? You never know what this girl is up to next? With her ongoing passions for health, fitness, fashion and travel have resulted in that more and more people are getting curious about what her life is actually about? What happens when a person goes from being a D1 student-athlete to living a dream life in Los Angeles? Want to get an insight into what it actually is being a foreign student-athlete, to driving Lambos down Rodeo Drive? We cannot wait to see what this girl is up to next?

Lydia Freiberg

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