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Lisbon in a Day · A Traveler’s Wise Guide to Exploring Portugal’s Capital City

What makes it special:

Lisbon is an incredible feeling. The city is full of history, culture, and beautiful architecture. The people are amongst the friendliest and the town is compact enough to see more than expected in a day.

What I suggest is breaking it up in categories. Start in downtown with the old roads, castles, and more → Then make your way to Belém to see the monastery, museum, and tower for an epic sunset. Stop by the birthplace of their traditional pastries — nata. Here’s how ↓

Tip: Most places have wifi and are happy to share it. You can also find a Starbucks to connect.

How to get there:

From the States, I suggest flying TAP Portugal airlines — we flew on one of their newest aircrafts and the seats were comfortable. They served us twice since we had an overnight flight — and the staff was friendly.

Transportation within the city:

Get yourself a 24 hour metro pass for 25.60 euros. This card is gold and works on all public transportations. Plus, the entire metro is very easy to navigate.

Tip: Open up your google map app → Whether you have wifi or not, this will enable you to see where you’re at and which direction you’re headed at all times. Internet or not.

I also recommend using Uber — they have Uber Green there and the prices are low.

What to do:

Visit Castello de São Jorge and take your student ID card with you for a reduced entrance fee — 5 euros. Regular admission is 8 euros.

Get lost in the old roads of Alfama.

Visit the church and museum at Mosteiro Dos Jeronimos.

It’s a really important site in Portuguese history as it shows both Gothic to Renaissance architectural styles. It took 100 years to build starting in 1501 and is also known as the St. Gerome — taken from the monastery located at the same site. Inside the church you can see the tomb of Vasco de Gamma – a Portuguese explorer and the first European to travel to India, as well as the famous Portuguese poet – Camoes.

Catch the sunset at Torre De Belém.

Tip: Be smart about your locations and do Torre De Belém, Mosteiro Dos Jeronimos, Santa within the same time as they’re all located walking distance from each other. Stroll through the parks connecting the tower and church. Then treat yourself to sweets at their famous bakery Pastéis de Belém and dine at Restaurante Mercado.

Where to eat:

First and for most Nata is their traditional dessert and you can find it almost everywhere including airports. Though I highly recommend starting at its birthplace → Pastéis de Belém.

Address: R. Belém 84-92, 1300-085 Lisboa, Portugal • Hours: 8AM–11PM

The confection of Belém’s Pastries began in 1837 and the recipe remains exactly the same to this day. Ask them to warm it for you.

Restaurante Mercado is attached to a market and it’s a local favorite. Order their tuna fish appetizer and their traditional dish → Bacalhau a Lagareiro.

Gelato Therapy! Need I say more….

Make sure to check out the view from Terraçosta Luzia but don’t try their food — stick to beverages as you pay for their amazing view — not food.

Time Out Market is open 24 hours and has foods from all around the world. Wifi is also available and real strong. Get a little bit of everything here and again — Nata ♥

Tip: It’s customary to tip an additional 10 % but sometimes it’s already added to your bill so do check.

Enjoy Lisbon doosts!

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