I’m Outside

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If you can, go outside. When you can’t, mist I’m Outside.
This aromatic essence brings the benefits of nature in a bottle. Studies show that spending time outside can boost your mood, immunity, and energy. With all-natural ingredients, we captured the forest air (phytoncides), the sunshine on your skin (vitamin D) and the microbiome boost from the great outdoors (fulvic acid + microalgae). You’ll feel instantly balanced, refreshed, and recharged.
It’s not a perfume. It’s not a room spray. It’s a super-natural self-care mist made for your face and body. With a subtle blend of cypress, hinoki, spruce, Japanese mint, and pine, the mist makes for a fresh, herbal scent with woody notes.
Whenever you need a moment, mist I’m Outside. www.im-outside.com

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