From London to LA

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Born into a Persian family in London, I grew up in England, Iran and United States.  I was bilingual and multi-cultural.  I never identified myself with only one culture or one country.  Always seeing the interconnectedness of all, I was a citizen of earth.  Lots of credit goes to my parents who created a space with allowance and love for us.  They raised us with a worldview and freedom to be anyone we chose.

Growing up with two brothers, I remember always being surrounded by people.  Filled with mischief and playfulness I immediately connected with strangers and friends alike.  It felt like I knew everyone as if they were all close family.  This way the world always seemed like a playground filled with kind and fun loving individuals. 

There was always effortlessness, love and play…

School was easy for me.  Even though I didn’t care much about all the structure, my love for sciences and socializing made it all seem like a dance.  As I got older I continued to study sciences and I could not get enough.

All along, there was always a knowingness.  My premonitions were strong, vivid dreams guided me and I had an eye for solutions.

Many years later after I satiated my thirst for sciences, I got introduced to Rumi.  Knowing Rumi deeply was a point of integration of my relatedness to people, the sciences that I studied and my insight.  As I connected more deeply with my self a series of downloads shifted everything in my life.  All of a sudden I could see a new picture as all the dots were connected.  I could see people’s feelings, pains and blockages.  I could also see how to unravel the ties and transform their lives.  This is when I realized that all my gifts were a tool for me to make a difference.

Clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, I was here to guide and bring clarity.  I was here to erase pain and suffering to make way for happiness.

Initially I was hesitant to heal people as I did not have a degree in medicine and I thought it was important.  Little by little as I helped friends, I realized the healing is real and needed.

Along my journey, I met the love of my life and married him. My husband played an integral role in my transformation from a scientist to a healer. He also transformed me from a woman to a mother as we were gifted with a son.  I am forever grateful for experiencing motherhood.

Now, I have been practicing as a clarity guide and intuitive life coach for a decade.  Realizing that all the sciences were to prepare me for all the healing and transformation that was to come.  My work is intimately intertwined with DNA and genetics as I reconfigure genes and patterns.  Helping my clients transform their lives through epigenetics and the morphogenesis.  My mission is to heal our world through healing our DNA.


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