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Manifestation Expert and Empowerment Coach Candace Charee’ helps thousands heal from past trauma and help create their dream life Effortlessly!

Candace Charee’ is a Trauma Healing, Manifestation Expert and founder of Effortless Manifesting, where she specializes in helping people heal from past trauma and manifest the lives of their dreams. By fusing practical strategies with the teachings of esteemed manifestation expert Neville Goddard, she coaches her students down the path of elevating to the next level and creating their best lives imaginable!

Charee’ created her business at the height of the pandemic and it is now a thriving successful company.

She is also the creator of Neurocognitive Reprogramming. A method she developed to reprogram the subconscious mind to heal past trauma and limiting beliefs. Candace has helped heal and transform thousands of lives in a very short amount of time!

Charee’ says, “The beauty of my method is that it is fast and virtually pain free. I love being able to give someone back their life in a quick way.”

Charee’ has had the privilege of working with thousands of individuals to reprogram their old subconscious beliefs, recreate themselves, and become true to the creator inside of them. As an empathetic energy healer, she can lessen the pain and trauma that may be blocking her students’ manifestation process.

“My specialty is helping women reprogram old beliefs, master their self-love, and transform into the Goddess they are meant to be. These women are ready to manifest their ideal life and with my help and expertise, they are able to step into the role of the divine feminine and have all of their deepest desires fulfilled.”

To put it simply, she teaches women how to gain extreme self-confidence and self-love, so they can have the life they deserve and desire.

Charee’ says, “I believe resiliency is easier when we have a strong self-concept and powerful uplifting beliefs. I teach others how to view life this way so they can face any challenge with strength and poise.”

How did she create this business during a pandemic?

In 2017, Charee’ got out of an abusive marriage, moved in with her mom, was in a huge amount of debt and literally had to start her life over from scratch.

“I was amazing at finding love, but I couldn’t seem to keep it. No matter my success in the TV and film industry, I always seemed to have trouble romantically. Anxiety and limiting-beliefs gnawed at me day in and day out, threatening my very existence. And I had no clear direction on where to go. One day, I stumbled upon a teaching by Neville Goddard, one of the most well-known manifestation teachers in history. And instantly, I knew in my core that life would never be the same. This was the answer I’d been looking for. I became obsessed. I threw myself into studying Neville and his manifestation teachings.”

Candace is now remarried and a mother to three beautiful children, Charee’ says, “I learned that I am the creator of my own life. I learned that I create my own reality based on my feelings, beliefs, and assumptions. I learned that life is created in the imagination. I put Neville’s strategies into place and life changed quicker than I ever thought possible. I fell in love. I got married. Our relationship is very unique! My husband, George, is featured a lot in my business and we have a podcast together. My fan base loves his inclusion as he helps bring in the male perspective in a wonderful way. My life had transformed, right before my eyes. My business boomed and became a beacon for hope and change.“

What advice does Charee have for aspiring women entrepreneurs?

“Don’t take no for an answer. If there is one thing my very powerful and entrepreneurial minded mother taught me, it was to NEVER give up!”

What’s next for this amazing entrepreneur?

Charee’ now has an elite group coaching program called The Effortless Goddess. It is a 12-week super intensive reprogramming bootcamp with her guidance and coaching every step of the way. This program will challenge and transform every aspect of your life from money woes to love. You will level-up in every way possible and have every desire you ever wished for!

Charee’ says, “It became my mission to change lives, transform pain into bliss, and help my students become the people who have it all. One manifestation at a time.”

Want to find out more about the Effortless Goddess Program, private coaching or her life-changing meditations and eBooks please check it out here:

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